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This web site allows you to create short custom links which can be used across the internet. By creating a custom short URL using YOURL.ca you can redirect your visitors to a really long web page URL without them having to enter the original URL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

When you want to create a short custom URL for a long or different URL you will first need to visit the YOURL.ca website. Once on the page you will see an input field where you can enter the original URL. Enter your original URL into the field and click on the Go button. The system will automatically generate a short URL and will automatically display the new URL without having to leave the webpage.

I entered a URL and received a short URL which is the same as one I’ve seen before. Is this possible?

The short URLs are only generated when the original URL has not be entered previously in the system. If the original URL had been used before the system will return the previously generated short URL.

Can I see statistics on a custom URL?

At this time statistics are not provided by the YOURL.ca system.

Is there a limit on how many custom short URLs I can create?

No, you can create as many short custom URLs as you want.

Can I preview a short URL before automatically being redirected to the original web site?

Yes you can. In order to preview a YOURL.ca short URL all you need to do is add a dollar sign "$" at the end of the URL. This will tell the system to display a page with the URL information.

Terms of Use

YOURL.ca has been created as a free service for making long internet URLs easier to use, and the YOURL.ca system may only be used for actual URLs. Using this service for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and any such use will result in the URL being disabled and the activity may be reported to the proper governmental agencies. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.